Snaps and Sill – The Swedish Midsummer Feel

Hey Guys (Still need a name for you)

So, an associate of mine invited me to her mothers Summer home to celebrate Mid Summers (turns out most Swedish families have summer homes in the country).  I didn’t quite know what to make of the invitation, as I didn’t really know what we were celebrating.  Never the less, I accepted and found myself in the back seat with people who I once saw as straight talking Stockholmers, Midsummers air had morphed them into happy, hippie-like Swede’s :).  The weather was great and as I looked out of the window whilst driving down a country lane I remember feeling an unfamiliar warmth inside.

Anyway, we arrived at the summer home (very nice place, modern cottage like interior with attached horse stables),  I was greeted with a beer (Score).  After some small talk, the men had to build the  Maypole and the woman had to go of and find flowers and shrub to decorate it.  Still bumbling around like an idiot, I help the guys break of a few branches from close by trees and we used it to create our masterpiece!

We dined alfresco style to a feast of epic proportions :). Amoungst other things, we ate Sill, drank shots of Snaps and sang Swedish songs to which I mumbled and grunted through :). These seemed to be the typical Swedish aspects of a Midsummers meal.

After eating, we gathered around the Maypole and sang what seemed to me like Swedish nursery rhymes as we dance around the pole, it was fun, however, I remember thinking it seemed a bit ritualistic.

Midsummers night came and the drinking continued.  I had a chance to get know people a little better and had my first taste of Swedish hospitality.  All in  all, a great experience.

Until next time guys


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